Slaughter your way through an array of vicious opponents while gaining riches, power and glory. Crush your enemies, watch them beg for death and hear the cries of their women!
A brutal gladiator arena MMORPG
Forge mighty weapons & armour of your own design
Randomized loot with billions of potential finds
No limit to how powerful you can become
Take on gargantuan boss creatures
Create the ultimate warrior
Take your barbarian gladiator from the humble beginnings of the arena to verge of god-hood. In Doom Warrior there is literally no limit to how powerful you can become and with so many stats and abilities to choose from the number of viable character builds are endless.

Forge your destiny, and your gear!
Doom Warrior takes character customization to a whole new level. All pieces of equipment can be reforged into a design of your choosing. Create a masterpiece from hundreds of individual parts, which can be combined in several million different ways.

Live or die
In Doom Warrior you hold the power of life or death. Do you execute your defeated opponent and risk incurring the wrath of his allies? Or do you show mercy in the hope of breaking the cycle of violence? Which-ever path you choose, the consequences will be serious and far reaching.

An epic journey
Embark on a journey spanning the breadth of the globe. From the rotting desert slum of Ras Khalat, to the frozen Blackfells and the sweltering jungles of Raktul; take part in an epic tale of power, corruption and lust. Will you fight to protect the weak, or see the rivers run red with the blood of the innocent?

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